Je Suis un Danseur: Yes I Am!

Some may have noticed that I took a step back from posting blogs, well it’s not that I don’t want to update but it’s more of the opposite. There are a lot of content running on my mind but I just couldn’t get them straight and organized. Lately, I have been looking after my health and since I couldn’t go back to the gym just yet, I have to work with what I have here at home. Our house isn’t spacious and I’m having a difficult time looking for a good spot to do my stretches. I had to ask permission to my cousin to use her room instead and recently, I figured out how to move things downstairs to create a space for me if needed.

Working out alone is not effective for me and it is only through dancing that I could feel the burn without the burden of having it. Lol. Looking back, I have always known that I have a talent for dancing but I just couldn’t put all of my time there because I would rather juggle my academics, my relationship, and my personal time than putting all my time on one place. Just to be clear, I knew I had the “talent” but I never saw myself good at it.

In one of my blogs, I have shared that I used to dance in groups and that I am an active alumna of my college dance group, FEU-IAS Dance Company now called as FEU IAS Dance Troupe. I have always enjoyed dancing and performing. Maybe I things were a lot different and if the question for passion, money and time wasn’t an issue, I could have might pursue dancing as a profession. Lol. Kidding aside, I could never see anything wrong with dancing and it really does help me in a lot of ways: it enhances my memory (for the steps), it enhances my reflexes as it improves my mind-body coordination (for the step execution), and it allows my to lose weight while having fun!

There was actually a phase during the lockdown that gave me an itch to dance again. It seems like my body was constantly looking for that particular muscle pain and muscle memory. I knew Tiktok was already trending however, I always get too shy to take a video of myself dancing. Well, I am comfortable dancing in a group, maybe to hide my flaws and to just not get the spotlight all alone. Again, I never see myself good on this. I knew God would never give me the talent for nothing and it all started with the fascination with BTS‘ dance practices. They are SO good! I then started learning their dance moves as well as moving out from my comfort zone. I wanted to dance again and God gave me time to manage everything. With the lockdown, I was able to partition my time in so many different ways and it helped me get through the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

I’ll be sharing my Youtube videos of my BTS Dance Cover compilation. I was just hitting the choruses and some dance breaks since their choreographies are extremely difficult. Lol. In time, maybe.

My learnings from all of these video trials and social media attention is that I can always doubt myself but I can never doubt what God had given me. I still get surprised whenever I could pull off a difficult step and I knew I can inspire others to find motivation to enhance one’s talents amidst the pandemic. I can no longer deny the fact that I am happy when I am dancing and that I can really dance solo. I may not be “that” good but as long as I can dance my heart out, I can perform for an audience of One – that is God. So Am I a dancer? Yes I am!

PS: Oh yeah, please do subscribe on my Youtube Channel (! This is part of my mini project for self-improvement. Another moving out from my comfort zone phase in my life. Thank you so much!

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