Converge 2017

Last June 17, I had the opportunity to attend CCF’s Singles Converge. It was an eventful day and I learned a lot from the speakers. I did not expect that majority of it was a panel discussion but it was good to listen as well. It was like listening to a bunch of speakers at the same time. They also launched (DNC), an online platform that organizes, consolidates, and promotes all the interesting events/activities/gatherings/happenings for singles who are part of various Christian communities. It’s a database of happenings that are screened and curated where you can go to connect with other Christians.

My DGroup and I, also with my cousin, went to the event and learned about being ready, engaging and dating. Of course, in a biblical context. I love how we can really adapt God’s teachings and how they are just right in front of us in the Bible but we just fail to interpret them right. This kind of events is perfect for interpreting God’s words and how we should use them practically in life as we walk towards Christlikeness.

Only one life will soon be past. Only what is done for Christ, will last. – Ptr.  Peter Tan-Chi

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