B1G Fiesta Night!

Yesterday night was all about Fiesta Friday! It’s a different kind of celebration because it involved food fellowship as well. It was definitely my first time to experience it and I super enjoyed it! We thank God for providing enough food for our table that night and I felt so blessed to feel belonged to a safe space.

B1GFridays has always been a blessing ever since I attended and I do see myself attending more of it. I keep on praying that my friends and other colleagues would try it as well. I highly recommend attending it! Last night was about testimonies, music, and fellowship.

While we were enjoying the night, we were asked what were our three blessings recently and I instantly thought of them. First, it’s still my birthday month and how God continues to reveal Himself to me. Still celebrating my 27th birthday, life has never been this clear and my heart has never been this joyful –  all for the Lord. Second, I started to write for CCF Eastwood’s Chronicle! Yaaay! I know it’s not a weekly thing but I am so happy to volunteer my talent to the church and I sure do feel that I could grow in that ministry. I’ll write about how I landed on that ministry on another blog post. Third, I am super blessed on how God took care of my career path. I will be writing more of it on another blog post but as for now what I could say is that we should learn to trust God more. When you really ask God for something and He knows it really comes from your heart,  He listens. He listens well. He may not answer ‘yes’ all the time because He has His own timeline for us and He is always ON TIME. Just trust His timing and things will perfectly fall into place. I promise to tell more about the second and third blessing this month!

Back to the Fiesta Friday celebration, I am happy to hear other people’s stories on how B1GFridays and the love of Jesus had changed them. I felt so blessed that they are blessed and I am praying for more people to join these kinds of events because I do see the changes and the genuine happiness they feel whenever they attend. Regularly attending B1GFridays is definitely a worthy life decision.

Can you find me? 🙂

Table 32!!!

All love for these lovely ladies!

With  Ptr Ickhoy!

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