It Is How You Look On Things

For today, I would like to talk about Positivity. It is how we look on things that we know if our outlook in life is positive or negative. In the picture below, how do you see the glass of water? Is it half full or half empty?

A change in mindset doesn’t happen in a snap of fingers and every one has a devil on its back to turn things around. However it can be practiced everday so that you can avoid throwing cynic thorns at others. Last night, I was informed that our house helper will be leaving soon to work abroad – maybe a domestic helper. She is already a part of the family and her last child is my cousin. For starters, I have a twisted family tree so it can come to another blog post for that. Haha. To continue my story, she will be soon leaving I guess in two months time for a work abroad and she plans to take her two kids to her mother. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea but it’s totally up to her. So where does positivity comes in?
I had a few doubts about her plans of leaving and might not actually make it. I also think about the kids’ future and studies. It also came to me that she will fail in the future and will return to us but I realized that I don’t need to stress myself on thinking too much. I must stop thinking negative thoughts and start attracting positivity in my life. I repeated to myself that she might actually make it and she might have a good future in her plans. It could also be the better solution to her kids and she might actually experience a great life there. I always wanted her to have a real job, the one that pays her up and not be stuck with us. Believe it or not, I actually felt good about it. It feels good thinking about her success in the future and how would she finally manage her life independently. I don’t know if it’s the yoga or the water therapy or the period or the diet, it’s just came in to me and I would love to keep it that way.
I am practicing positivity towards my work, my career in blogging and in training, my savings, my money management and all other things. I really want to make this work for rme and 2013 is becoming a personality management for myself. I know I can still be a better person as long as I continue what I am starting right now like the healthy lifestyle, the diet, the saving, the positive outlook and the water therapy. I don’t think I can manage to disappoint myself and ditch all of those because of the reason I got lazy and all. Actually, things had turned around in our house the moment I practiced positivity, Now, I am looking forward to have my very own room after 22 years of my life. Hahaha. Yes, I haven’t got my own room eversince and I am just sharing with my mom. I am also looking forward to better tomorrows and my beach body. No disappointments and no regrets in the future because I know I did everything I can. I will not blame myself in the future and I will not take a failure as a result.
Yes, I am motivated  that way.

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