Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures are things one surely enjoys despite the guilty feeling of enjoying it. Every one has a guilty pleasure and I am sure that boys and girls are equal on this one. Few are not aware that they are guilty of enjoying something until they have already enjoyed it and felt the actual guilt and some just don’t admit it. I think it is a good topic to talk about and a good conversation starter. I spent hours thinking about my own guilty pleasures and I came up with two. These two on my list are so huge for me and what are they?

1. SPENDING TOO MUCH. Honestly, I am a compulsive buyer and as long as I know I can afford it and it satisfies my urge if buying it, I’m totally going for it. I already experienced buying stuff that I enjoyed shopping on but in the end, I don’t really have an actual use for it. I do feel the guilt while buying stuff but I just ignore it as long as it feeds up my urge of spending. In other terms, I waste a lot of money then end up regretting it. By the time I ask myself why did I buy it, I simply give it a shrug and feel good recalling it. I also can’t remember much where I spend my money when They are all used up. I am sure that you don’t want to know where I am spending my money on. It will definitely surprise you and would think how crazy I am on spending. I’m a spend-thrift and I really want to change it that is why I am already saving. And I mean, seriously.

2. EATING TOO MUCH. I love eating and my body easily blows up. My guilty pleasures in food are sweets, seafood and salty foods. I easily gain and retain fat and I couldn’t resist eating. I could feel my stomach giving up already but my tastebuds just won’t stop. The end result is I double my effort in losing the extra flabs. I am lucky enough to easily lose the extra baggage but the heck, it is such a drag to do too much exercise and go through times wherein you’ll be so uncomfortable with the clothes you wear. Must control, as well.

Most of the times, you can just spend and eat separately however there are times that you are required to spend in order to eat. See, that is the harder part. I sometimes wish I can have unlimited cash and a body that doesn’t get fat no matter how much I eat. Oh how I love daydreaming. Hahaha.

I don’t want to completely remove them to my system because it is who I am but I firmly believe in these sayings:
– Not everything pleasurable is good
– Everything must be done in moderation and
– Too much of everything is bad

I guess the keyword on this is “control.”

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