For starters, this is not about Human Evolution. I was inspired to post today because my dear friend Andee was looking around our another friend’s blog. Luvi’s blog in particular. I realized how long was I already in this kind of interest. I asked her to look on my Archives and yes, I was already a writing netizen since 2007. All links posted here are live and true.

Since 2004, I have already been sharing thoughts, ranting, blogging about my life and sometimes, life of others. I have been on different blogging sites as well and most of them are real-like homes for me. I was writing under the name of Sophisticated Alexir in Fanfiction.net for a couple of years. I have been in Xanga.com under the name of Alex for a couple of months of 2005 then Livejournal.com under the name of Alexir from 2006 to 2007. I wasn’t able to export my livejournal posts here in blogspot or I might as well say that I am still figuring it out how. I used Multiply.com under the name of Lyza but my site name is Arrivederricci for like 3 to 4 years so let’s say 2007 to 2011. Multiply had been so much of a home for me and I have been in trouble already twice because of my shamless posts :)) Anyways, I have managed to export everything from my multiply site to here and have downloaded all of my pictures and videos there as well. I’m just waiting for it to shut down in the future. Why Am I saying all of these? It is because all of my 2007 posts are now live here in blogspot eversince and I know it will be a huge laughter if people will read those posts. =))

I will be on the defensive side on telling these shameless facts about my writing and language evolution.

I was a Fanfiction writer. Been blocked for a couple of months because of my 50 Shades of Grey-Like writing. And I was more into YAOI stories. BoyXBoy stories =)) I have my friends to constantly check my grammar before posting my stories.

I highly suck at my grammar and I didn’t care anything about the sentence construction or whatever. I just put everything I think would suffice my urge of writing. I think was already under the influence of my bestfriend, Maan, when it comes to my JRock Obessions.
I was using “TEH” instead of “THE”. I still suck at grammar.
Grammar is slowly improving and I was using Sticky Caps tHaT wOuLd LoOk LiKe tHiS. I was using double period every after sentence like this.. then used period-comma like this ., I was also a Camwhore for having my very first own camera. I was using Jejemon language. Yes, I joined the bandwagon at this year. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa. I also use large font sizes with different colors and highlights. I honestly admit that I don’t know why. This was also the year when I managed to get in our Highschool Publication, Blue Mantle.
My grammar is improving and other arte in writing was gone. One year lang ata ako naging Jejemon. Haha. Mabilis akong nakapag-evolve :)) But you’ll notice that I was using too much Y!M emoticons like :)) 😀 :-” :* and more. This was the year that I met a lot of friends and bonded with them thru this social networking site.

2009 to the present.
Same writing technique and style from then on. I am also doing my own layouts of the blogsites I join into and I still posts pictures. I still also answer surveys and still talk about anything under the sun.

One thing that remains the same, I keep them on private. Try searching this blogspot from your google search you’ll find nothing unless I post it on my twitter dashboard or facebook wall. Why? Well, that’s a different story already.

Another thing that remains the same is the urge of posting and writing. I don’t know why but it was said that it is not ME if I won’t have a blogging site or social networking site. I guess it’s true. I am also proud of myself for the improvements when it comes to my grammar and topics I post. One of my major objectives when blogging, DO NOT GET IN TROUBLE. Hahaha!

You? Have you realized your evolution, yet?

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