HUMAN SEXUALITY [reaction paper]

HUMAN SEXUALITY: Part II [Reaction Paper]

“Today, you will learn how to be human…” –Sr. Letty

March 13, 2007, our second day on the talk about Human Sexuality. Again, headed by Sr. Letty, D.C. gave us new interesting topics in which teenagers like us should be talking about. We started the seminar with a little recap of what we have talked about on the first day and indeed, we had a lot of fun. We talked about Human Sexuality yet, with a different phase. She gave us the difference between ‘sexuality’ and being a ‘human’. She said that our ‘personhood is prior to our sexuality’. That phrase gave me the perception that a real and complete human being should really have both female and male sides. As I have learned from Sr. Letty, the right side of our brain is our female part and the first to develop even to those who will become a male and the left side of the brain is the male part.

I have learned that we may have sexuality yet may not be a human, in other words, it is not enough to have sexuality to be human. Not knowingly, animals are far better than us, human beings, when it talks about sexuality. Animals do respect and protect female of their specie while humans do terribly things to female. That’s the reason why numerous cases of battered wives and rapes are filed. Animals are far better than us, they know their law. Rape in animals is against the law of nature while rape in humans is undeniably against the law of God. I have pondered much of logic since we started this seminar. Animals are sinless, human nature is good yet human beings are sinful. Confusing? I guess not…

“When sin entered the human being, the harmonious relationship between God and the human being broke…”

To avoid getting misjudged by others, we should think right. We should be thinking not from the unconscious self of ours.

Love your enemies. A phrase that is very easy to say yet very hard to do. She said that loving our enemies will be also reflecting on how we love ourselves. ‘Get hold of the dynamics’. She even said that to love is the only thing a person should do right, because when the time comes and God will be facing us, He will not as how many people had loved you. He will ask ‘did you love?’ Hearing those gave me shrills and again, made me reflect on how do I deal with others. Do I deal with them with love? Do I deal with them with care? How about respect? I found myself asking those.

Second half of our seminar started with another movie entitled, “I Not Stupid”. A Chinese movie with English subtitles. We watched the movie with some invited parents, I thought parents who joined will add color to the movie, and they did! The movie talked entirely about praising one’s talents. Giving acknowledgment to others even though how petty their contributions are. The movie gave the focus on a parent-child situation which, all of us surely had the connection. Somewhere in the middle part of the movie, I just found myself in tears. At first, I just thought that I was like that because I was moved by the actors’ situation yet I soon found out the real reason why. I am connecting with the movie. Honestly, I seldom receive praises and acknowledgments from my mom; perhaps my dad does yet so rarely. No praises for my talent of art, writing, computer and academic stuffs. They always discourage me in certain aspects. They say that I have no good future in just mere drawing and staring at the computer for hours. I did have a low look on myself since yet; my friends never fail to give me support in my activities.

“HOME is where a person should feel safe and protected…”

The invited parents were included in the second half of our talk. They voiced out their part and soon came to a realization that compliments and communication is indeed, vital. I did wish my mom was free to be invited for the talk.

The seminar ended with a thanksgiving for Sr. Letty’s wonderful sharing about Human Sexuality. She is indeed, one of my idols from now on. I, as an aspiring Psychology student look up on Sr. Letty. Hope we can have this kind of talk on the near future. A talk which surely kept me thinking that I am a human being in the way I look and act on life. Thank you Sr. Letty!

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