Liberator Lager, A Beer that Signifies Liberation and Freedom 

I haven’t tried much good beer since switching to hard drinks and cocktails, but this Liberator Lager is crisp, refreshing, and enjoyable!

A lager is a beer characterized by its specific yeast, fermentation process, and flavor profile. It is one of the two primary beer categories, with the other being ales.

Last October 20, 2023, it was an honor to be invited to the Liberator Lager Tasting and Gourmet Beer Pairing Event at Romulo Cafe, Makati. On the same day, October 20, 1994, Gen Douglas McArthur fulfilled his promise to the Philippines when he said, ‘I Shall Return.’ This event commemorates Gen McArthur’s promise, wherein he returned to the Philippines, landed in Leyte, and the late UN President Carlos P Romulo welcomed them.

They also honored the late UN President Carlos P Romulo through the words of his great-great-granddaughter and the other guy in the background is the great-great-grandson of the late President Sergio Osmeña.

Tons of people attended the event, and everyone gathered to celebrate a great beer best for gourmet food. Brewed using a precise selection of high-quality Pilsner malt (The type of malt used e.g., barley, wheat, rye can significantly impact the flavor and color of the beer) and the finest American hops (The choice of hops and the timing of their addition affect bitterness, aroma, and flavor), Liberator Lager is a classic European brewing technique that brings all the ingredients together to deliver a beer that has the right touch of malt sweetness and subtle yet unique tropical profile of citrus, passionfruit, and melon. A fresh pour of Liberator Lager from the draft makes it an undeniably satisfying drink with Romulo Cafe’s most popular dishes.

The night was full of overflowing Liberator Lager, gourmet dishes, beer-drinking games, and prizes! They also gave out this highly special Commemorative Coin for the late UN President Carlos P. Romulo, a Philippine Silver Proof 500-Piso Coin. I am happy to have one because we might not know how much it would cost when the time comes.

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LIBERATOR LAGER! “Fulfill Your Promise.”

Crisp, refreshing, and easily enjoyable, Liberator Lager is brewed using a precise selection of high-quality Pilsner malt and the finest American hops. Classic European brewing techniques bring all the ingredients together to deliver a beer that has the right touch of malt sweetness and a subtle yet unique tropical profile of citrus, passionfruit, and melon. A fresh pour of Liberator Lager from the draft makes it an undeniably satisfying drink with Romulo Café’s most popular dishes.

Liberator Lager was conceptualized by Enzo Squillantini, co-founder of the popular Romulo Café Chain of Restaurants with his wife Sandie Romulo-Squillantini, primarily to honor the memory and legacy of Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, who was the “last man off Bataan” on April 9, 1942, and “one of the first” to return as Aide-de-Camp of Gen. Douglas MacArthur on October 20, 1944, during the famous landing at Leyte, captured in this iconic monument that stands in Palo, Leyte, then called “Red Beach”. 

Gen. Douglas MacArthur issued his immortal promise “I Shall Return” after he was ordered by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt to leave his beleaguered headquarters in the Malinta Tunnel on Corregidor, “the Rock”, and regroup in Australia to lead the Allied effort to mount a counteroffensive against the Imperial Japanese forces that have invaded and occupied Asia. 

After 2-1/2 years, Gen. MacArthur did fulfill his promise to return and liberate the Philippine Islands from the Japanese on October 20, 1944, codenamed A-Day, leading the greatest naval armada the world has ever seen, consisting of 600 magnificent ships carrying 250,000 Americans, larger than D-Day in Normandy, France, and supported by clouds of planes at which he declared, “People of the Philippines, I have returned!”

LIBERATOR LAGER is also our salute to the brave Filipino men and women who have fought and died to attain our freedoms and protect our liberties in the course of our nation’s historic struggle for independence.  Starting with the sporadic revolts against Spain throughout the islands, which finally culminated in the historic Cry of Balintawak when Filipinos tore their cedulas to signify the start of the revolution against an abusive colonizer, followed by those who fought during the Philippine-American War, and finally for those 75,000 Filipino soldiers and 10,000 Americans in the Battle for Bataan and the Last Stand on Corregidor, the subsequent Death March, and the thousands of Filipino guerillas who continued the struggle behind enemy lines during the brutal Japanese occupation of World War II. 

Finally, in today’s world, Liberator Lager represents a toast to all of us who love our freedoms (as much as our beer), especially to those noble men and women with integrity, who keep their word, honor their commitment, and fulfill their promise, to their spouse and children, to their colleagues and customers, to their friends and neighbors, to their nation and to God. Mabuhay!

Celebrate Victory! Celebrate Freedom! Celebrate with Liberator Lager! Pair this craft beer with our signature dishes like Lola Virginia’s Chicken Relleno, first served by the wife of Gen. Carlos P. Romulo in Washington D.C., our best-seller Tito Greg’s Kare-Kare, and all-time favorite, CPR for Crispy Pata ni Romulo.

LIBERATOR LAGER – Fulfill Your Promise.

“I am a Filipino born to freedom, and I shall not rest until freedom shall have been added unto my inheritance – for myself and my children and my children’s children – forever.”  

I Am a Filipino, Carlos P. Romulo

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