The Camp Baui Experience

I am not a travel fan, and I am rarely fascinated with places outside my room. I also don’t initiate travels among my family and friends. I like going out, but I don’t love it. I quickly get tired of traveling, and if ever there’s a need to go and travel, I want to make sure it’ll be worth the hassle. Lol. Please don’t get me wrong, I am an extrovert, but my social batteries get recharged through being with people and not by tiring myself with the packing and walking. Yes, I am that person.

Whenever I go out for a long trip, I want to ensure it’s somewhere worth the multiple visits. Since you all know we are preparing for our wedding, we were scouting for places where we can have our out-of-town prenup shoot. We had options until we found this gem that was not too near and yet not too far from the metro. Located at Purok 1, Brgy. Sto. Niño, Tanay, Rizal, we found a reasonably new glamping site named “Camp Baui.” The camp is about 10 minutes hike to the Mayton River Rock Formation. It is a gated property wherein you can also park your vehicle. It is highly advisable to use a 4×4 vehicle or a motorcycle than can cross 2 rivers. There’s also a hanging bridge passable by both motorcycles and on foot.

Camp Baui has three (3) cabins, or Tepee houses, as they call them. It has everything you want for your glamping experience. Number 1 on the list is the telco signal. No signal at all! A perfect spot where you can detach yourself from the busy metro life without being physically too far away. But fret not because, surprisingly, they have a wi-fi connection to fit your social media needs. But do you need one when you do glamping? If you want to be with Mother Nature and to find inner peace, don’t connect to the wi-fi and enjoy the moment of social media detachment. Since you will be in the mountains, expect no electricity except for the lights and fan powered by their solar devices. You are speaking about sustainability and being environmentally friendly!

Being in the mountains is not easy because you will be far from restaurants and other stores, so it’s best to bring your food and cook it there. They provide a shared kitchen that you can use. The caretakers and the owner are super friendly and allowed us to use the entire place for our prenup shoot. The scenery is simply breathtaking.

Photo by Jairus Bernardo

We were blessed with great weather, and we maximized the whole camp for the shoot. I’ll post my VLOG on our journey and the behind-the-scenes of our prenup shoot so make sure you subscribe on my Youtube Channel!

So since you are already here, sharing some prenup photos from Camp Baui.

I’ll list down below the complete amenities and rates:


  • – 3 Tepee houses
  • – Two common restrooms
  • – Playground
  • – Bonfire area (depends on the weather), Campfire setup charge of 200 PHP
  • – Mountain view
  • – Duyan
  • – Access to the river below the camp
  • – Kawa Bath (180PHP/head)
  • – Portable swimming pool (exclusive and private use only)
  • – Parking space
  • – Common Kitchen


Day Tour: 8AM to 4PM
Overnight: 1PM to 12 Noon


PACKAGE A: 2 Pax = 1,500.00 PHP

  • – 1 cabin
  • – Beddings for 2 pax
  • – Solar fan 

PACKAGE B: 4 Pax = 2,500.00 PHP

  • – 1 Cabin
  • – Complete beddings for 4 pax
  • – Solar fan 

PACKAGE C: 8-10 Pax = 5,950.00 PHP 

  • – Up to maximum of 10 pax
  • – 2 tepee houses for accommodation
  • – solar electric fans
  • – Can bring 1 tent (free pinch)


  • – Up to maximum of 15 pax
  • – 3 tepee houses for accommodation
  • – solar electric fans
  • – Can bring 1 tent (free pinch)
  • – Free use of portable pool
  • – Free bonfire set up


Without Cabin: 3,000.00 PHP (7-9 Pax 8am to 4pm)
With Cabin: 5,800.00 PHP (7-9 Pax 8am to 4pm 2 Cabins)

Take note: Make sure you reserve your schedule because Camp Baui is strictly by appointment only and no walk-ins are allowed.

Camp Baui’s owner and her cutiepatootie daughter

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