A Road Worth Taking

How did you find this post? Well, no matter how you found this post, I thank you. I have been blogging since high school and I learned that the more I do this, the more practice I get. And the more refined my thoughts overflow, the more content I could easily create. It has not yet been too long since I realized that no matter how many followers you have on your social media, each follower is already an encouragement and someone you can directly influence even though you just connect with them through a gadget screen. I honestly look up to successful influencers over the years that I also dream of pursuing the same road however, I know it’ll never be easy. I know I have to build my personal brand and it will be a series of debates within myself into what I would want my audience/readers to perceive on my character and personality. Since 2007, I knew that people are already reading my posts however, I admit that I needed a lot of help in my blogging style and delivery back then. At first, I have this strong desire to build my personal brand and grow my network just for me. All for personal gain, really. However, what I did not realize is that the bigger the scope and network I could reach, the more people I could influence –  that is not by choice. I am grateful for those who are brave enough to tell me directly that he/she has been a silent reader all this time. It makes my heart flutter to read and hear comments on how relatable my posts were and how they could actually feel like I was directly talking to them – like how could they even hear my voice through those words? From then on, I realized how much influence I could become not just in my personal circle, but also in those who are from the other side of the world, depending on how far my post would reach. Moreover, I knew I am an influencer and not just someone who blogs her thoughts and life experiences. I knew I had to be careful and sincere to every word. I knew I had to be accountable and responsible for each post I make. I know this can be a tough road but it’s not just me who is experiencing this way. Maybe I am talking about you as well.

Having accessible social media with tons of platforms widely available, it’s not a surprise I would say that each one of us is an influencer in our own ways. I learned that being an influencer can really start at your most immediate circle – family, friends, and workplace. The sooner we realize this, the sooner would actually make use of our influence that does not only benefit us but also others. I firmly believe that in life, there are things that you will never try to experience (or buy) unless you heard it from someone else or read rave reviews about it. People would always want to have their money’s worth and being an influencer can help them make better decisions among all other choices. As I have stated above, we become careful and accountable to whatever we suggest or recommend to our immediate circle of influence because it will also come back to us.

Building a personal brand may just be one thing, but growing your personal network is another. I know must work hard on this and not take every follower for granted. And if you are like me who wants to grow your personal network organically, then let me tell you to not lose heart. I knew this pandemic had been difficult for each and everyone but lockdowns did not stop the people from being socially connected. Praise God for the internet and the means of being connected to it. Nowhere is far as long as the internet can reach you and since we are all social beings, there had been a projection of an increase in social media influencers which, I think is a good thing. There are a lot of different influencers out there and even though not everyone would be your cup of tea, there will always be others who are focusing on uplifting other people, motivating them and even giving them tips on how to cope with everything that’s been happening here and there. Actually, you could be one too! There are also a lot of open channels in which you could actually learn how to do this right. There are also various platforms to allow you to work on your personal branding and network. Yes, others make money out of being an influencer but there are still people out there who would just want to use their influence to help others. I mean, if I could change the world by being an influencer/blogger, then why not, right?

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