2021. A New Year Imagined.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear readers! 2021 is finally here! As we have reimagined Christmas in this new normal, I know that we all look forward to a new year that we could only imagine, as we do not know what else are yet to happen. Allow me to share the things I did for the year 2020 and what I have learned about myself (that I couldn’t believe at first). Lol.

The beginning of 2020 was kind of a rollercoaster ride for me. I started the year volunteering at B1GFridays not just as part of the Content Team but also as a Facilitator. I failed to finish the year serving as a facilitator as God had impressed on me that I should be focusing on discipleship with among other things that I should prioritize as I continue to grow in my Spiritual Disciplines. January to March was quite difficult for me at work because of the adjustments for the year as well as the new targets set. I have no complaints about working, I mean, I love what I do. I still just need to work on my tenacity and not allowing discouragements to hinder me to perform at my best.

The second half of March was the beginning of the ECQ and we were forced to create and adapt to inevitable changes for the workforce. I am blessed by a tenacious boss who had all his heart for his work and the people working under him. I must admit, I had and I will face more difficulties under his management but I have to be honest that I am learning as much as I had over the past yearsonly this time, at a different pace and in full throttle. During the rest of March, I haven’t had the slightest idea what to do with the available time given. All I had in mind was work and how to go about it. It was a real test for me. I had the time and courage to ask one of my D12 sisters who is fluent in Nihonggo to teach and guide me in learning more about it. I have been an enthusiast for the Nihonggo language and I would really love to express myself through it. I was so grateful for her time to really teach me, and sooooo patient to my mistakes and in correcting me. I can say that I have improved but I have to keep on practicing to not forget it. All love for her, indeed!

April came and I praise God that I could still continue to work however, I was already realizing the extra time given and how the ECQ made me limited on my other activities. What I was also thankful for was that, I am happy being at home. I would even prefer staying inside my room all day, every day than going out. Yes, that’s the introverted part of me. I did not miss going out and with my boyfriend away (he was staying in his province), I knew I had A LOT of time in my hands. This is when I started to think about what could I do with the time forced on me. I knew I have shared this in my previous post but this was really how I became a BTS A.R.M.Y. Yeah, I was a quarantine ARMY and I am so happy to become a fan of a group that makes a difference through their music, their performances, and how they are living their lives. They first got me through their humor and believe me when I say that their RunBTS show is my kind of humor. April and May were my months discovering what BTS is and tried to catch up on their discographies, performances, concerts, and shows. I was also surprised at how many ARMYs are in my social media and personal circle. Lol.

June came and I always believe that my birth month is a perfect month for me to do my “semi-annual self-assessment”. This is when I realized I could go back to dancing again since I have the time. But for me to get back to dancing, I had to condition my body again, so there goes the workout I stopped (gym had to be closed for months) and had to build up my stamina and remind my body of its flexibility. BTS made me dance again and their choreographies are the best challenge for me to get up again. I have also broken out of my comfort zone and filmed myself dancing – solo. A thing I would never think I could do because I have always thought that I am not good enough by myself, that’s why I only post dance videos if I am with a dance group. During this month, a few of us already can go back to work and tried to adapt as much as possible to the new normal.

July was the month when John and I decided to sign up for CCF Pre-Marital Counseling Class and we were blessed to have this online. Aside from the fact that it is completely free, we were able to finish it at our own pace and space, but we still have to find ourselves a Couples DGroup to complete it and acquire the PMC Certificate. I could not answer for John on this but I learned a lot about myself and how should I live a (soon) married life according to God’s perfect design. If you are planning to have a Christian Wedding, I am recommending this class and you can easily inquire about this through their website. Maybe I can write a separate post on this.

August to the end of the year was all about work while finding time to still dance. I have even signed up for a TikTok account just for fun and posted my videos there. You can also see my compiled BTS dance covers on my Youtube Page. During this year, I have also reached 12,000 followers (and counting) on my Facebook Page, Lyzawrites. I had a few discussions with my best friend on this and I would love to work on my branding that would allow me to give an overhaul not just to my Facebook but also here in my blog. We haven’t got to sit down on it but maybe a time will come for it.

During this year, my DGroup and I had to adjust and adapt to the new normal and we have been meeting via Zoom since 2nd half of March. Even my D12 meetings were via Zoom and I have realized the impact of limiting personal/face-to-face meetings. This year had been blessing my DGroup with new ladies to disciple and yet, it has also been a silent battle for me all year-round. I had prayed for it over and over and God had impressed on my heart that I shouldn’t worry much about it and just continue focusing on Jesus. I have also realized that this year was the year that I managed to read the most number of books in the Bible, and with a journal. Out of all the books I had read this year, Ecclesiastes left an impact on my heart that really helped me go through 2020. It had spoken to me about not holding on to things that won’t even matter, everything is meaningless without God in our lives, wisdom for life and money, that God is in control, about joy and contentment, and even though life is full of uncertainties, there’s Hope that God remembers us always – that’s why we must continue to seek Him and obey His commandments.

Over the years, I thought I already know MUCH about myself and that I have settled important issues already, I was wrong. This 2020 had given me much more than what it had taken away. So what did I learn about myself that really surprised me? I can easily lose my focus. I was in constant denial about this the moment I realized it. There are so many things I wanted to do just because I can and I want to however, my priorities had got to be straight. I guess this was me tasting the freedom with much time forced upon me. With many things I could do I couldn’t help but entertain as much as I could. The year 2020 had been an active year for me despite the lockdowns and limitations. I learned and rekindled my strengths and I am blessed to have learned this weakness from distractions. Now I know what I need to work on this coming 2021 and I owe it all to God who knows me like that back of His hand. By 2021, I must work on my FOCUS.

I believe God has been and will always be intentional to each and every one of us. This 2020 may have been full of difficulties, disappointments, heartbreaks, loss, and grumble but never forget that there is a God who cares for us – One who never wanted us to go through these trials; One who wanted us to live in joy all the days of our lives. I may not know how 2020 had been for you but if you are reading up until this part of my blog, know that my prayers are for You.

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.
    Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you.
    I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 NLT

I may not know your struggles but know that everyone has been a fighter up until today. Never give up, because God had never and will never give up on us. May this 2021 be a year wherein you learn more about Jesus of the Bible and if you already know Him, may this be a year wherein you could grow deeper in His words and disciple others. 2021 will be full of uncertainties but as long as we continue to live, there will always be Hope (Ecclesiastes 9:1)

Again, Happy New Year, my dear readers! May we continue to write and read more about God’s love in our lives and may this 2021 be the New Year you have imagined.

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