Caught to Catch

Five years ago, I thought I was already enjoying life. On weekdays, I work as a Trainer and on work nights, I’m almost everywhere. I juggled time between friends and my nights became usually full because of it. On weekend nights, you’d usually see me at bars/clubs/malls wasting my time away and yet having the fun of my life.

I thought life was all “that” until God broke me into million pieces; God made me realize that the things I thought that matter is actually pulling me away from Him. He saved me from a relationship that never glorified Him and used other friends to catch me on a perfect timing. I was invited to dance for the Lord and I praise God the hearts of those people who intentionally drives me to CCF Eastwood and back to my house just to have me. I was on a plateau back then and half-hearted as I was slowly losing time for my other friends and I know I had to give up my worldly vices.

In 2015, I was also led by a godly man who caught me away from the world and pulled me closer to Jesus. Even though he serves another church, he allowed me to grow my heart in CCF. I was led under the discipleship by a Proverbs woman who allowed me to grow roots by volunteering in the Chronicle Team (CCF Eastwood) and B1GFridays (CCF Main) as a Facilitator. Currently, I am now leading a budding group of ladies whom I prayed for to experience Jesus’ love in their lives as I have experienced it.

I never imagined that my life now will be gazillion times better than what I had in 2013. I may have lost few friends but I gained more. Can’t believe that I am in front row seats watching how God’s plans slowly unfold before my very eyes in full color! I now understand how God orchestrated everything in my life. I WAS CAUGHT TO CATCH OTHERS! ❤️

Blessed to have been caught by Him whose love endures forever—excited to catch others for Jesus! Tara? Find out how at B1G Fridays! ❤️❤️❤️

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