Downtime Week

Since I had a “downtime” in both social media and here in the blog site last week during the Prayer and Fasting, I had a lot of extra time in my hands. I committed myself to practice my spiritual disciplines and to fix my room. I had to declutter my room to clear our unnecessary stuff – I heard it helps clear out your mind as well. You see, cleaning my room is a big thing for me because I don’t regularly do it due to my allergic reactions the moment I disturb the clouds of dust’ peace. LOL. Well, these past few weeks, I have been really thinking of organizing my room and the only way I can do it is to first, declutter and clean it. God blessed me with the time to do so and it made me appreciate my weekends more. My mom and tita actually clean the house every weekend and I now understand the feeling of accomplishing such huge task; I am just talking about cleaning my small room for the week while they clean the whole house every single day. Huy, Lyza. Kilos naman. Hahaha! Putting it out in the open like this is embarrassing but I have to do this to encourage myself and hopefully, encourage others who are as lazy as I am. LOL.

I initially thought of having a “before and after” photo but the “before” part is totally unacceptable for a lady. Hahaha! So I did a few “after” shots and I’ll share why I decided to have it that way.

I cleaned my room like I have not done it for ages and yes, I got few irritations on my nose but I knew it was all worth it! Praise God for the week-long sale at SM Sta. Mesa and I found all the stuff I needed to organize my room and I started with my shoes. I honestly own a lot of shoes mainly because I previously worked in a footwear retail industry but even before that, I already like wearing different kinds of footwear. I am fond of wearing heels primarily because I am short and it looks professional when I facilitate training sessions – well, I also used to dance wearing heels back in college kasi minsan tamad ako magpalit ng workout clothes. Hahaha. Kidding aside, I needed to organize them from now on. I found these containers with a Buy 1 Take 1 tag on them and it was like 61.50 Pesos each!

If there’s one thing I cannot EVER deny is my love for bags. I praise God that He still convicts my heart for impractical purchases and I honestly went in a few stores in between my “home organizing shopping list”. I thank God for letting me see these leather cleaners and justified in my head that I need to clean and use my bags first before purchasing another one. Wow, hearing me say this out loud makes me feel proud of my progress already. Haha! I was already eyeing to buy a new one when I found these cleaners! I bought the ALDO Leather Conditioner and ALDO Leather Protector for almost a thousand pesos. Actually, they still have the one for cleaning but the salesman did not specifically recommend it – the brand I previously worked for also has these but I think there are other ones which could do better. So right after sorting and boxing my shoes, I went straight to my bags. I know I had so many of them but I did not know that I already have too much of them! This obsession has got to stop; But if it will be in a form of a gift, I would love to accept it. Hahahaha. Oh, my.

Those are just a few of the small ones because I keep the large ones in a huge container. I managed to keep them clean by nighttime and I felt so tired cleaning all of them. The good thing is, I did not purchase a new one! They all looked new to me now! I also did some changes in my room like putting up that mirror on the wall and finding the best way how without making any wall holes. I also purchased a clothing rack for my essentials like uniform and usuals. It is also multi-functioning as a divider in my small room and I never thought it would give more space as a dresser area unlike before.

Of course, I will never forget my workstation. I am committed to this blog site from hereon and not to mention, I have a good working space for my quiet time and for my freelance if God allows me again. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the vibe in this station and it makes me want to go home right after my day job.

Refreshing to my eyes to see these right in front of me as soon as I wake up every day of my life. I cannot have a bedside table even if I would want to or else I wouldn’t be able to access my other drawers for clothes. Haha!

I realized that I am already about to fill up my 5th Instax Album with great memories! I need to get a new one soon ♥

Cleaning my room and organizing it made my prayer and fasting week more productive and it feels right to spend more time on things that actually matter in order to get my focus straight. I had to fix my eyes to the creator and perfector of my faith, and that is Jesus, and everything else will fall in to place. I felt honoring my mom by tidying my room up and I know it will please the Lord to obey. I found myself up in the mornings during this downtime week and I never thought I could do it – it is only by God’s strength and His provisions!

Now, the only thing I need to think about is how to maintain it organized and clean as it is right now. I am actually looking through Pinterest for wall decor tips especially that I have a lot of Instax photos now that I can hang up my wall without getting it dusty and difficult to clean. I am looking for other ways to keep my room organized at the same time clean without hurting my nose. Lol.

How do you keep your room tidy and organized?


  1. Jen

    July 7, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    Guilty here!🤣 But thanks for this Lyza!💓 I will try din to clean up room!😙

    1. Lyza

      July 8, 2018 at 8:35 am

      Yay! Yes, we get too busy at work that we forget to work in the house. Lol. Teach Shean to clean na din to help you out and not grow up to be tamad like me. Haha!

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