Twenty Seven years on Earth, all by God’s grace!

Thinking back the years I had, I have never been this happy and fulfilled. I know I was happy and blessed before but over the year of knowing God’s love for me, I never thought I could be at my happiest.

Those who are really reading my blog posts before would notice the difference. I will be more active this time around because this new blog represents the new me and my new purpose for it. This opportunity is for everyone – to share God’s love – and my passion in writing makes it easier for me to express myself with all the learning I am getting.
I love to transfer my knowledge to people who would want them; maybe that’s why I dived into this line of work. Being a trainer for years had taught me several things about life and about many other people as well. Adult Learning Theory still never failed me in my work and I still feel the urge of continuously wanting to learn more about it. Also, being a Trainer gave me a serious realization about my throat-care; That I love Pei Pa Koa candies and I hate Kamillosan spray. Lol.

From my last birthday, I gained a lot of experiences, chances, and learning. Let’s start off with my make-up kit. Haha! I used to carry a huge make-up pouch filled with makeup and tools that I don’t really use on a daily basis! I even buy expensive ones and not consuming them entirely if I do not like it anymore. Now, I carry a small makeup pouch with “reasonable” make-up prices that I really use every day!

I experienced being down to my knees seeking God to intervene in my life as I do poor choices and give into some confusions of life. I also took chances of taking a diploma course, a post-baccalaureate degree, in Workplace Learning and Development with the vision of finishing it no matter how difficult is it to produce the money for fees – that’s why I was really thankful for my parents who supported and helped me pay for it. Studying at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is sure expensive but a whole different experience. I experienced the difficulty of paying my school fees out from my salary and savings because I know the importance of finishing it. Attending school is a stress-reliever and I would take another one diploma program if only I have the means for it.

I also had this chance to meet new people in a completely new, warm, and accepting environment at CCF. I attend and serve at CCF Eastwood and at CCF Center for their B1GFridays. I am still praying for a ministry for me though. I had the chance of being with CCF Eastwood’s budding dance ministry and I am still praying that we do continue dancing for the Lord. I also attended the True Life Retreat, which served as my most fulfilling week ever, got myself baptized and currently enjoying and sharing God’s salvation! Unexpectedly, God gave me a bonus as I take this spiritual journey,  I met my sisters in Christ – my DGroup. I will put up an appreciation post about my DGroup Sisters in a different blog post because this ‘birthday post’ won’t be enough just to say how thankful and blessed I am meeting them. God made sure I won’t get lost as I find my way to Him. Amazing God, He is! Anyway, if you guys want to join me every Friday at B1GFridays, just hit me up with a message and I would be glad to see you there!

I learned how to make amends and continuously mending what I broke and I am happy with the results of it. I learned to forgive myself more, with that, I learned how to forgive others better. I learned how to repent for my sins and now I am feeling so free as I am supposed to. I learned where to place my joy and I felt it outflow. Having the Lord be the captain of my ship taught me to let go and accept everything He has planned for Him. Truly, I cannot fully experience His wonderful plans for me if I keep on disobeying, delaying and running away from Him. I know that following Christ would yield for more temptations to test my Faith and it is really known that following Him is never an easy task, as Ptr. Jess Lantin once said, “Being a good Christian is not difficult – it is impossible.” Knowing much more than last year keeps me amazed how God reveals Himself to me. Over the year, I found something I know no one can ever give me – I found purpose. 

That’s why for this year, I wish for more strength and wisdom. To be more disciplined observing my quiet time and to seek God’s glory in everything that I do.


?“I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow!”? John 15:11 NLT

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