It has been thirty-three years of God’s faithfulness in my life that I am here today.

I was reading my previous birthday posts and saw how marvelous God’s plans are for my life. This year is my first birthday as a married woman and I am truly blessed with the life and situation He has provided. I already think if I should make content about “married life”, but I too, am still learning. Maybe, soon.

For this year’s birthday, I thought I would be celebrating the day itself with work + ministry. Little did I know my family had something planned for me. I was worried about my work the following day and I was planning how to get rested in between the celebration dates.

Anyway! Sharing some birthday photos!

God has also been paying for my website despite the lack of updates. I feel guilty knowing I’m provided with this platform while others are praying to have one. I hope I could commit the time to write here diligently. Here’s to five years to us and two years doing HR consulting!

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