Future Employment Qualification: Social Credit System

January 20, 2022

We all know our work culture nowadays is more on “Work From Home” and “Freelancing Gig” amidst the pandemic. Even so, when you apply for a job, the interviewee would ask them a digital portfolio of your works, whether written or visual. However, what if ten years from now, the

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Overcoming Fired

December 17, 2021

This is my reaction/opinion on termination stories from a podcast that features Madam HR. If you are interested more on that topic, go listen to: This podcast: Why did I get fired? That is what life is about. We do not get redos, but we do get second chances. –

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Why Do You Need An HR?

September 19, 2021

Is HR a DEPARTMENT or a FUNCTION? Most of the company leaders, who are not in HR, and I have exchanged conversations with, knows that HR is a department but could not actually pinpoint the complete function of a Human Resource. I have yet to always remind them that the

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On Waiting and Self-Love

August 22, 2021

Watch first the short video loop above. Imagine you are the one in the skit. What did you feel after? Frustrated? Anxious? What is it in waiting that makes us feel that way? WHY DO WE WAIT? We wait and wait… and wait. No matter what it is you are waiting for, it boils

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A Road Worth Taking

August 14, 2021

How did you find this post? Well, no matter how you found this post, I thank you. I have been blogging since high school and I learned that the more I do this, the more practice I get. And the more refined my thoughts overflow, the more content I could easily create. It

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On Daily Wins and Endless Pursuits

August 8, 2021

I know I have been inactive recently because I was on the run for multiple pursuits and some of them were overlapping over time but I praise God for sustaining me up until this very moment. This blog has been scheduled to update every Friday at noon ( +8 GMT)

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Is Having a Sound Financial Plan Necessary?

October 18, 2021

Anything about “money” is not an easy topic to discuss as it has always been seen as a sensitive topic to touch. This is also why other people either avoid it or just shrug their shoulders when asked how they plan their finances. It has been said that we shouldn’t

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Where to Search for your Next Living Space in Los Angeles?

October 18, 2021

I had the chance and opportunity to live in L.A. after graduating from college, and it was all thanks to my dad. I did not expect at first that I would be able to step into foreign soil since I was born and raised in the Philippines. It was worthwhile

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How to Start Your Own Blog

July 4, 2020

Blogging is a good hobby, an outlet, and a good source of income if it goes well. Since we are already in the digital age, communication is now easy, and we can now voice our own opinions without limits. While some are comfortable doing Vlogs, there are still people who

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[VLOG] Unboxing BTS (방탄소년단) 8th ARMY Membership + Kit | Lyza Benedicto

December 4, 2021

This is my 2nd ARMY Membership + Kit and I am so happy to get this! I love this year’s concept and as an HR, who wouldn’t hire these bangtan boys right away?! Lol.

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November 24, 2021

The pieces are super small! But I enjoyed building it esp when Jin and Namjoon had done it as well. Both Chimmy Nanoblock and Sowoozoo Pajama from @btshopmnl Shop:

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October 3, 2021

Isang mapayapang unboxing na naman po after a month with no uploads. Watch at your own risk. HAHAHAHA Twitter Shop: @btshopmnl Website: Merch Haul: 1. BT21 Hand Cream (Koya and Chimmy) 2. BT21 Nanoblock Chimmy 3. McdoXButter Zip Hoodie 4. Soowoozoo Member Set Photocard 5. Soowoozoo Pajama Set 6.

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