Hello! My name is Lyza.

I have been blogging since 2007.

I have been in different blog niche already and this is my first time to use WordPress. Also, it looks like I am here to stay!

Blogging for myself for a decade was fun but I felt exhausted, and eventually lost the purpose of it. I found my purpose last 2017 when I said 'YES' to Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I have picked myself up from where I left and now I am writing for Him!

I used to blog as a venting space and believe me, I have been in trouble a couple of times already because of it. Lol. I also dreamt of having my own website and by the Grace of God, here it is!

I'm an HR Professional and Trainer by heart and currently pursuing what matters most and that is Jesus. Knowing that Jesus loves me above and beyond my imperfections give me that overflowing joy of making Him known! 

I currently serve as a Chronicle Writer in CCF Eastwood and a Facilitator in B1G Ministry of CCF Center.

I love movies, US series, books, digital arts, and polaroids. I also accept Ghostwriting jobs whenever God permits.

Anyway, enough about me. You'll know more when you read through my blog posts and I hope you enjoy your stay. May my words be an inspiration to whoever is reading.

May I Ask You to Pray for Me?

I pray that I may finish strong, to continue serving God with a persevering heart, and to never stop magnifying Jesus' love above and beyond this blog may serve. Thank you!

How can I Pray for You?


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